Feature Films

The Fate of the Furious 8 (2017)

The Cuba Car

Every good picture car comes without glass, which is where the Cuba Car’s glass setup in compositing came in.

Refraction Index

This race through Havana, had a need for glass. So I built this setup in Nuke and passed out to the team.

With help from the 3D department, we added reflections shooting across the glass making them feel like they were flying.

The backgrounds were also added in compositing.

Layers of Glass

Along with the absence of a front windshield, the picture cars did not have a rear one either.

This was why I built a second glass setup for the rear and side windows. It added distortion, dust build up and even internal reflections of the car back on the glass. 

The backgrounds were setup as projections to match perspective.

Fast and Furious

The blurry streets in the background were anything but straight forward.

Plates shot from a car were stabilized and stitched together. Then they were re projected on staged geometry to give those perspective changes as they drove down these winding roads.

Interactive light was also added to the actors.

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