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The Huntsman’s Winter War (2016)

The Huntsman's Snowflakes

Nuke particles and expression to control the weather

An Icy Castle

This set of the throne room needed to feel frozen, this was achieved with a constant falling snow.

After rebuilding a Nuke particle setup to address the scene requirements, I was asked to pack up the setup and send it out to insure those twinkling snowflakes looked great in every scene.

The ice cradle was also added in.

Snowflakes and Bokehs

In addition to the snow system built for this scene, there was also a call for anthropomorphic bokehs in the close up shots.

This was achieved with a custom transform gizmo that I made in order to give the effect of snow falling in front of the lens, but give the artist control to place them exactly where they wanted.

Reaction Shot

One of the great advantages of having the particle system inside Nuke for this project, was for reactions.

During this scene there was a large action fight scene and with all that swinging, came a lot of wind.

Using the particle system strategically we made the particles react to the actors movements, giving that little something extra.

All the Dead Bodies

Which of these dead bodies were actually on the set? They will be taking that to their graves…

The Extra-Extra Call

This scene needed some extra poor souls that didn’t fair so well.

This was achieved all in compositing with some great projection work, the death toll was greatly increased.

The crows, being a lot more alive, were computer generated.

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