Feature Films

The Promise (2016)

Rain and Train

This movie set in 1915 had a mix of long dramatic shots and high tension action.

The Train Explosion

This sequence posed many challenges once it was decided that the on set explosion timing was not working. 

After reworking the jump timing, using CGFX,  stock explosions and a bunch of the original plate elements; we rebuilt this chain reaction explosion in compositing.

The Rain

Adding additional hands down the entire length of the train and removing modern train features was only the first step for this sequence

We also needed to add additional rain, this was achieved through a Nuke particle setup that I built.

After having great success in this shot, the setup was packed up and used across this whole rainy train ride.

Slave Camp

These shots all required distant explosions, foreshadowing the dangers to come.

These were achieved in compositing using stock explosion elements and atmosphere was added to the distance.

Extra workers were sprinkled around to make this camp feel really packed.

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